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Here at Marv's we strive to bring you the best equipment available. Our trailers are great for a wide range of uses from landscaping to hauling construction equipment and from cargo trailers to car haulers. Be sure to stop by and get yours today! We are a certified dealer of Bri-Mar and Car Mate Trailers. If you find any trailer you would like on the Bri-Mar website, we can get it for you! 
  Visit the Car Mate Trailer website for more details on enclosed cargo, contractor trailers and car haulers.


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1643 Urban Road

Herndon, PA 17830

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As most of you know, Marv's speed and auto is a repair and mechanic service shop located in Herndon, PA. We decided to live up to the demand in the growing need for trailers. We now are proud dealers of Bri-Mar, B-Wise and Car Mate Trailers. Feel free to give us a call at any time and talk about what YOU need. We will do our best here at Marvs to give you the trailer that suits you the best.

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​- Complete Trailers

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- Licensed Dealer

- Bri-Mar

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